A Few Personal Opinions About Things


DO NOT Vote BAM BAM (Obama) for President!!

 I am really fed up with whiney-assed activists(dumbassed california and New England soccer-moms) who wanna shove their views down my throat and make me live the way they do..........go the hell away its my life not yours(I have other choice words for them, but the page keeps gettin yanked off earthlink..so use your imagination)


  We have such an inconsiderate society in this country. Big businesses lying on their earnings and going broke, Our wonderfull senators and congressmen want to send them to jail and try to make them examples for everybody else....well, maybe we should call for hearings on the government losing our hard-earned tax dollars.99% of our government officials are as crooked as the day is long, the few big corporations that are doing shady and illegal things are only following in big-daddys footsteps.We need to get rid of everybody in both houses,the capitol, state and local. Start out fresh.We do not live in a democratic government.We dont control the government that owns us!


  Little MISSPERFECT "Dr Laura" needs to get a real life and quite living in this little dreamy world where she thinks People actually care what she has to say on that worthless Radio talk-show she has on the air. If she were really a head-shrink she sure wouldnt be yappin her gums on the radio tryin to be "her kids's mom". seems to me she is just some naggy old hag who has nothin better to do with her hubbys money than throw it away on some cheesey afternoon radio show! Anybody who calls into that show is just as worthless....YOU dont have a brain, and cant make your own decisions, ya gotta call some wacko on the radio to make the decision for you!!


  Irresponsible,inconsiderate drivers really get to me. i think when a dealer gets a new car into their inventory, they take the lever off the left side of the steering collumn and sell turn signals as an option. i say this because 90% of the idiots out there dont have a clue what purpose that little lever serves, other than being in the way.I also find that the "idiots' dont have an incling as to what a truck does or weighs, they figure cause they can stop very suddenly, we can too. WRONG ANSWER IDIOT we need alot more room to stop, turn,and do other things related to our job, which by the way, isnt to be an obstacle in your daily commute to work. the truck drivers out on our highway system are just trying to feed their families and earn a living just like you! GIVE THE TRUCK DRIVERS THE RESPECT THEY DESERVE !!!!!


updated: 7 June 2008