About Me

My name is Randy (Dozerguy)  

  Wheew!!!! At the 40 yr old mark, now and still a native of North dakota. For some unknown reason, i keep comin back to the desolate place.I grew up in and around the Jamestown,ND area.but lived mostly in Fargo the last few years. As I get older, i am finding Life is just too short to be running around all the time like you have your head cut-off!!! Settle down, take a seat, and enjoy all that there is to see in the fridge and on cable TV (ha ha). BTW, im workin on new pictures

  In 87 -91 I was in the military. Spend most of that time in Schwienfurt, Germany. Was stationed at Ft Campbell< Ky for a year. When I got out of the military I wandered from job to job for a couple years. worked in construction for a few Years, then decided that i needed to be a trucker. Well i got tired of never seeing home , so now i am gonna try to the construction thing again.

  I have alot of hobbies, but the ones that stand out the most are : EverQuest(internet RPG game),Drag Racing (lust for speed and power),riding my custom ultra motorcycle with the wifey,and of course the all-time favorite..........watchin TV and movies.



This is by beautifull and caring wifey Liza


 Wifey n I on our wedding day in august 2008


This is my 17yr old daughter Jessica. She is really smart and i love her alot. She was Born in Schweinfurt, Germany while i was in the Army. She lives with her mother in Jamestown,ND.



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