I am in no way a politician, related to a politician, or friends with a politician. It seems the majority follow the same set of morals, and those morals are as follows: (as I and a many of my friends see it!)


1. "special interest" is my pimp, and im the best fuck they have ever had!

2. I WILL gather with all my politician buddies and feed at the trough and slurp the slop! (oink oink oink)

3. I know how you should live and enjoy your life way more than you ever could!

4. He who donates the most, recieves the most!

5. I vow to lie, cheat and steal as much as humanly possible!

6. Fiscal reaponsibility means I get to spend as much of taxpayer money as i can , and not have to answer to taxpayer for it! (spend spend spend)

7. When elected, I promise to be the biggest irresponsible,senseless,ignorant,wortless piece of shit on the face of this earth!!!

8. You make $1.00, I take $1.50 from you, and give it to someone who makes $0.00, because it makes me feel all warm n' fuzzy inside knowing it makes up for all the bad stuff i do!

9. I " say what i'll do and do as I say" till elected, then I "say what you do and you do what I say! (aint life great?)

*authors note

alot of people may be offended by the last 1, so if you are no conviction to change the the path that our country is goin, PLEASE read no further






10. All my voters are my little slut-whores, good for no-better than to lie to them, cheat them, and steal from them all that the United States of America stands for! I will whore all that they stand for to further the interests of myself, and the people whom I am in cahoots with. For as we all know here in Washington, (Congress, House of Representatives,White house, state,and local governments) The Voters are too ignorant, self-centered , and stupid to even know any different!

*another authors note: On November 7 2016 we need take back our "government of the people, by the people, for the people" from the rotten leaders who have ruled for the last 70 years and have turned it to a "government of the privelaged treating Us, the peons, like minion"!!!!!!

Vote Elmer Fudd for president, senator,and congressman!!!